Sunday, January 28, 2007

Love That Dirty Water ... Boston Was Our Home

‘Twas a cold night in Beantown, but a warm one for the memory banks. Our farewell tour commenced at JP’s Milky Way pizza joint/salsa club/bowling alley where some of our friends met up with us for Pizza Menino’s (only slightly less sloppy than Boston’s eponymous mayor), a detailed accounting of the around-the-world itinerary and a little less-than-stellar candlepin bowling. More pictures from the night are below.

Looking back on our years in Boston, it’s a testament to Kaberi’s personal charisma and an honor for us both that we were able to find so many cool and kindhearted souls in this town. They do Boston proud. Hopefully, we’ll see some of them on the road in the months ahead.

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vinay said...

Hey Thomas Menino might be slovenly and generally disheveled, hey what was the third thing you said.